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  • 'GRINDR / a love story' is our Dublin Fringe Festival debut, written by Oisin McKenna, and directed by David Doyle and Patrick Culhane. Have you ever been hook and sinker certain that your soulmate is a stranger you stumbled across on Facebook? Johnny has. His first relationships took place on Bebo. His first sexual experiences were coordinated through MySpace. But lately, this isn’t enough. Johnny is looking for love. He’s looked on the bus. He’s looked in the clubs. He’s looked in the smoking area, the dancefloor, the taxi rank, and the chipper. He looks for it on Grindr and still can’t find it anywhere. GRINDR / a love story explores the ways in which young gay men in Dublin interact, communicate and connect with each other in a digital age.

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PETTYCASH presents SWEATBOX | July 13th |10pm | 10 Days In Dublin

It’s close quarters around here. PETTYCASH are taking poetry out of school textbooks and bringing it to the dancefloor. SWEATBOX is a hot, clammy marriage between spoken word, performance art, and disco. A sweaty, pulsing, late night mess where we can consume art and poetry together under the warm glow of the club lights. We’re … Continue reading


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